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CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game

CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game
  • Updated
  • Version 4.0.0
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Genre Racing
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 4380
  • Comments: 465
Popularity 69% 69%


CSR Racing 2 - a new part of a good racing simulator in which the player once again invited to take part in drag races on the quarter mile and beyond. The developers have worked on the quality of the sequel, improving the visual quality and animation, thereby moving away from the drawn graphics of the original.

Gameplay the game differs little from its predecessor: it is necessary to start well time to shift gears. Early in his career, the rider is given a car with not the most outstanding performance. However, this will be enough for a couple of the initial contests. Over time, the victory will be all the more difficult, then will have to resort to upgrades or buying a new car.

There is also a multiplayer mode, in which the opponent is selected randomly. After determining rates the race begins, the winner of which takes all. Thus, you can earn, but it prevents permanently ending the fuel, which for a long time then restored. CSR Racing 2 - continuation of the racing series of games which is performed on a more qualitative level and will satisfy the lover of virtual racing competitions.
CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game
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Comments 465

  1. Charles
    update the 3.3.0 where it has 3 gold 3 purple cars, unlocked all cars and unlimited fuel... and also please inform us if you changed it, would be a lot of help to us, thanks
  2. 5play lover
    5play lover
    Please make a b3605 mod in this 3.3.0 update,thank you
  3. Lowie Perez
    Lowie Perez
    please update the 3.3.0 where it has 3 gold 3 purple cars, open all cars and unlimited fuel..
  4. Shanaaaaaa
    I am quite disappointed, this is not the same mod I use, please bring the mod that we can spec our own cars and custom color our purple stars cars and a 3 coins or 3 gold car buying, I uninstalled it bc my original money is gone and the cars is cannot be bought
  5. random
    blackscreen, please fix it
    1. Guest Ashley
      Guest Ashley
      Same here, please fix it I love the mod so much
  6. random
    thanks for release the 3.3.0
  7. Alexiodas
    Thank you for update...please if you can make one mod like before version...unlimited upgrate item..all cars open and free custom for all cars...new mod is different
  8. Quando Quando Quando
    Quando Quando Quando
    please release the 3.3.0 please
  9. Alexiodas
    Please update to 3.3.0 ..thank you for your mods
  10. random
    release 3.3.0 please
  11. Wyqyd_Mark
    Greetings, I am a huge fan of your site but just registered now. Better late than never. May I request that the purple star cars get their proper rating when you mod, reason: They keep their old plain values, example: T5 , 5 purple stars - 96 fusion spots where it should be 135. Otherwise, no complaints. Thanks for the updates...I believe there's a new one . Waiting patiently. Keep it free and fair for all. Thank you.
  12. Random Person
    Random Person
    3.3.0 update please
  13. Shayan
    I love this game Update please❤
  14. Guest Nick
    Guest Nick
    Getting server errors. Please help
  15. random
    3.2.0 update please
  16. Purusharth Anand
    Purusharth Anand
    It is showing black screen game is not working
  17. Guest Parsa
    Guest Parsa
    Terrible graphics in new update. Makes it look garbage on my mid-range phone. I did not expect that from csr racing 2😠. Seems looking perfect on my pc. Backing to it. It doesn't have any diffrence in graphics with cheap devices. What tf are you doin natural motion😤😤
  18. jz-bo
    Black screen
    1. guest
      ummm did you install the obb properly? if not then that's the case
  19. VAGELIS Aiginitis
    VAGELIS Aiginitis
    No download why?????
  20. Danilo Dalid
    Danilo Dalid
    Why is it the respect points is zero when i play