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CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game

CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game
  • Updated
  • Version 4.3.1
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Genre Racing
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 5433
  • Comments: 461
Popularity 67% 67%


CSR Racing 2 - a new part of a good racing simulator in which the player once again invited to take part in drag races on the quarter mile and beyond. The developers have worked on the quality of the sequel, improving the visual quality and animation, thereby moving away from the drawn graphics of the original.

Gameplay the game differs little from its predecessor: it is necessary to start well time to shift gears. Early in his career, the rider is given a car with not the most outstanding performance. However, this will be enough for a couple of the initial contests. Over time, the victory will be all the more difficult, then will have to resort to upgrades or buying a new car.

There is also a multiplayer mode, in which the opponent is selected randomly. After determining rates the race begins, the winner of which takes all. Thus, you can earn, but it prevents permanently ending the fuel, which for a long time then restored. CSR Racing 2 - continuation of the racing series of games which is performed on a more qualitative level and will satisfy the lover of virtual racing competitions.
CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game
Download CSR Racing 2 - Car Racing Game free for android
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Comments 461

  1. Guest Tina
    Guest Tina
    Mods is broken ? Why after any race you only get $ not even single rp or crew point
  2. Guest Jason
    Guest Jason
    The link for the 2855 mod is broken please fix it and I would suggest an update as the mod is in dilapidated condition
  3. Abdeldjalil Bensiahmed
    Abdeldjalil Bensiahmed
    Black screen
    1. Guest Hehe
      Guest Hehe
      Wait for 3 years
  4. ReaperSlays
    when the 2.17.0 comes it has chrome interior and engine bay in the Nissan 350z (veilside and rocket bunny) last Dec 10 I updated it to 2.17.2 the chrome parts bug is gone and now I just updated it to 2.17.4... the chrome interior and engine bay is back again pls fix this in the next update... 350z bug bothers me a lot
  5. Guest Juan
    Guest Juan
    im lost de savegame 16/12/2020!!!1
  6. matic
    Why cant i download the files. Always get an error on dowload. Please help
    1. Xy
      U have to be in Russia or connect to a russian VPN to be able to download anything from this page. There are free apps on google store, just type "vpn russia"
  7. Alfier
    Black screen🤦‍♂️
  8. Maron
    this mod run perfect but live race load to slow for me so what ?!?
  9. Simon
    Try adding unlimited elite points please!!!
  10. Paul21
    It doesn't work
    It just stays on the first loading screen
    1. Sk
      Did u install the obb file ?
  11. Blabla
    2.17.2 not able to enter th game, flashed back screen an closes???

    Apk from here obb from here.
    Anyone have solution? Tried many things
  12. Novalista
    can't login? at each game entry, are we required to create a new account and start over from scratch?
  13. Guest Juan
    Guest Juan
    Hola, quiero descargar el juego y me redirige a otro sitio donde dice que la página no existe, alguien me podría ayudar con este problema? Se los agradecería mucho.
    1. Xy
      Tienes que estar conectado a VPN rusa para poder descargar de esta apgina cualquier app. O eso, o si estas en rusia
  14. Guest Juan
    Guest Juan
    Hello, I want to download the game and it redirects me to another site where it says that the page does not exist, could someone help me with this problem? I would thank you a lot.
  15. Tip Guy
    Tip Guy
    Tip guy here back again after the 5th ban. Reminder to not getting banned because after 2.15 update, all sus files are pruned from their cloud service. But how do you avoid ban?
    Here are some known (and proved) triggers, and some unproved ones:

    1. Permanent 300% RP boost from the mod (after season 100, NM started implementing new heuristic after one team placed in top 10 without even a race).
    PLEASE DELETE this feature for next update.

    2. pull ungodly amount of crates at a time. Known for long time, no exact number of how many to trigger the red flag.

    3. Using game guardian (after youtube channel The Game Exploiter got purged, new heuristic also implemented - there is a way explained later)

    4. Joining club. Everything you do is broadcasted on club's wall. Risk of getting your teammates banned too for covering a modder.

    5. Using profanity on your name, even with fancy letters since other players may see your name.

    6. Bringing cars you're not supposed to use to live lobby, such as top 10 season cars and unreleased cars.

    7. UNCONFIRMED: abuse the daily login bonus.

    8. UNCONFIRMED: abuse the elite parts for gold.

    9. UNCONFIRMED: abuse the legends token for gold.

    FOR GAME GUARDIAN USER if you're still want to use it:
    - always use a fresh install (you have to uninstall and reinstall after ONE session)
    - use virtual space like virtualxposed
    - open GG before game
    - search for desired value
    - when you've found the desired value (especially elite parts which relies on online transaction), DISCONNECT IMMEDIATELY
    - once you're done, DO NOT USE GG ON CSR2 EVER AGAIN

    I hope this help.
    1. Csr fan
      Csr fan
      Tip guy do you know how to fix blackscreen.if well can i add you on instagram for and example
      1. Tip guy
        Tip guy
        Just follow what iggySLO mentioned below. his/her method is spot on.
        1. Csrfan
          Yeah i saw it.But i dont understand.If someone send me a video than i can try it.I'm learning some inglesh.Thats why I asked if you can show me on instagram
        2. Tip guy
          Tip guy
          I have no IG, sorry. If you experienced black screen it might be from your phone since mines (Galaxy S7, LG V30, Xiaomi Mi 5) has no problem whatsoever:

          1. Uninstall

          2. Reinstall APK but don't run it just yet

          3. Extract the OBB zip to "android/obb" folder

          4. Make sure the extracted folder is named "com.naturalmotion.customstreetracer2" and make sure there are two files inside that folder and no folder

          5. If everything is exactly as what I told you, there should be no more blackscreen problem

          Unrelated, but to avoid spam (sorry admins) and since I can't edit my comment:

          1. the daily login bonus DOES NOT trigger ban. Tried 200ish time in a row and still on - but do it offline just to be safe

          2. don't upgrade or elite customs your cars too often - personal RP above 700k is danger zone, 900k and you're doomed

          3. sometimes, the mod will disappear and the app will run as if it's unmodded / official - if you're already banned, just hope that the app will return to modded state after restart

          4. you're no longer able to access cloud save since it's now tied to your google account (which modded apk doesn't support) in other words, YOU WILL RESTART FROM SCRATCH EVERYTIME YOU UPDATE THE GAME. So yeah, enjoy the mod while you can. I'll try to find solution but don't hold your breath. No promise.
        3. Csr2 fan
          Csr2 fan
          Reinstall APK you mean the original csr2 app of the mod?
    2. Wyqyd
      Haha, confirmed all of those. Carrera GT did me this time hehe. All good. we live, we race, we download it again
  16. Csr fan
    Csr fan
    IggySlo can you show me on instagram? Or is a video about that on youtube? Can you help me plz
  17. iggySLO
    For black screen there is easy solution ... delete game ... install apk but dont run it ... copy obb files dowloaded to install directory of the game ... run game and voila it works
  18. Csr fan
    Csr fan
    Black screen again😭
  19. Tito
    Please make the update
  20. Alfier
    Is easy to unban😂.I just want this mod running.I download from other webside but is black screen too