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Dragon City

Android 4.0.3
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Dragon City game for Android devices that combines elements of strategy and battles in real time. The user will have to go to the island, which is in the clouds, and to educate the fire-breathing creatures. Besides caring for dragons will also have to build a settlement and protect it from attacks of enemies.

The strategic part is reminiscent of the typical representatives of the genre of simulator farm. The player must acquire the economy. The beds need to grow feed crops for their animals. The dragons hatch from eggs in the incubator. It is further to be engaged in their education. Each hero has their wants and needs. Worth doing and training the animals to ensure the safety of the settlement.

Sooner or later, they still have to fight. Before the battle you must select your dragon, and after watching the process. The choice should be approached wisely, as the opponents have different abilities, and this should be considered. Dragon City - attractive strategy simulator with nice graphics and easy controls.
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  1. Boss909 Jack
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    6 March 2019 19:59
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    what does the APK even do