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Android 4.0.3
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Alien Creeps TD - strategy Tower Defense sub-genre, which tells about the confrontation of earthlings and aliens. A classic story of alien invasion has been used in this project. Aliens want to conquer Earth, but the brave soldiers will oppose it. They will bravely fight off the invaders to save the planet from impending doom. To begin with, the player will pass a small training session in which he will need to repel the attack of aliens on a small town. When you are finished with the first task, the user will go to a more large-scale battles.

To control the troops is quite simple - you just select a unit and put it on a certain area. Monitor the viability, so the aliens broke through the line of defense. Killing enemies, the player will receive in-game currency that can be spent on upgrading weapons. In addition to the normal turrets should be used and available bonuses in the form of air support.

The visual looks pretty good. There are a huge number of special effects and locations. Music plays only in the main menu, as in the battle you only hear the sounds of explosions and gunfire. Alien Creeps TD - a good representative of the genre that will find its audience of fans.
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