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Russian SUV

Android 4.1
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Russian SUV - car driving simulator on Android platform devices. The player is invited to sit behind the wheel of one of the representatives of the domestic automotive industry and ride off-road. The game features an impressive fleet, including both cars and trucks of Russian and Soviet production. You can even ride a tractor. Each car has an authentic appearance. But not all of them are available from the beginning.

To earn game currency and open new cars, the user needs to perform tasks on cargo transportation. At first glance, it is quite simple, but the obstacles in the form of lack of normal road surface and change of weather conditions make the process fun. Realism adds the ability to include lights and camera in the first person. You can also ride in winter and autumn.

Graphics made on the Unity engine. The picture is not the most outstanding, but to call it a bad language does not turn. The average quality of the visual is compensated by a fairly realistic model of behavior of cars and the environment. Russian SUV - a good car simulator that will appeal to fans of leisurely driving on rough terrain.
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