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Gboard - standard program on Android for typing. Is the most popular keyboard, as most users of the mobile OS satisfied its standard set of features, and also the stability and quality in General. Light weight and good performance allow you to install this software even on budget smartphones and tablets.

The first thing to note is the simple minimalist design with nice animations. Nothing more. This approach allows you to completely immersed in a set of text without being distracted by trivia. But this does not mean that Gboard. In the new version the developers have successfully established a working classic input method along with a swipe, which gave the program an influx of users who prefer a modern set.

It's actually very convenient and saves a lot of time, if the user often resorts to active writing. It's also a smart hint system that adapts to the style of the author and learns frequently used words and phrases. The interface is simple and careful attention to detail. Even when you first use the person will be able to find the shift key of keyboard layout or character set. There were here and without the now popular Emoji, of which there are countless.

Keyboard settings located in system settings, which is very convenient. But here the user is waiting for a slight disappointment, because the settings are by and large virtually no. All you can do is to select the language to edit custom dictionary, change the way of input (including voice input) and edit the pointer speed. No themes, plugins and other things.

Overall, Gboard is the app in the style of "set and forget". It just works. Of course, this approach is not like everything, but the stability and quality in most cases benefit from the wide possibilities of customization.
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