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King of Thieves – a new game from the developers Cut the Rope, combining the platforming genre with the strategy and with unusual gameplay. At the beginning of the narrative the user has a personal dungeon, which must be protected from the encroachments of other players using circular saws, monsters and other traps, also, the list items have a totem and a set of stones. On the other hand, you need to loot the catacombs of other users.

It will have to apply strategic skills and tactical training, because each room is unique and fraught with surprises. The gameplay is a platformer with a side view. Driving character, you need not to fall under the traps apart and get to the end of the level. But before entering each stage are doors that need to open using lock picks. Picks out quickly, so you need to approach this case. Of course, they can be purchased for real money, but then interest in the passing diminished.

The other part of the gameplay is focused on the protection of their own possessions. It is worth noting that to build impassable obstacles will come: the player need to double-test the obstacle itself to the possibility of its passage. King of Thieves is an excellent strategic platformer with colorful visuals and unusual gameplay, which is perfect for fans of such games.
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  1. Ahmed
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    3 February 2019 16:00
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    Can you please update the moded game