Zombie Castaways

Zombie Castaways
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  • Zombie Castaways - an unusual strategy that tells the story of one cute zombie, seeking to find the love of his life after death. The hero has a hard way of turning from a zombie into a man, because only this way you can find a beloved. To achieve this goal, he decided to work hard, because labor made a man from a monkey, which means he would do the same from a zombie. The place of labor impulses of a living dead became an uninhabited island, lost in the tropical latitudes of the ocean.

    At first, the character will need help that comes from the well. It will systematically appear tools that can be used for various purposes. So, using an ax, you can cut down trees, and a machete helps in cleaning the thickets. The environment on the island is very interactive: you can interact with any object that you find, turning it into a necessary resource. Everything extracted by overwork on the island is stored in a barn. All materials can be used for selling or building objects on the island.

    Good gameplay is complemented by beautiful graphics and nice music. Everything that is on the island, including the main character, is drawn at a good level and is pleasing to the eye, and the soundtrack creates an atmosphere of comfort. Zombie Castaways is a great strategy with nice graphics and music that fans of virtual farms will love.


Zombie Castaways

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    1. Aldi

      Stuck on loading



      17 September 2019 14:11

      1. Guest Isabella

        Me encanta la aplicación


        Guest Isabella

        21 October 2020 00:38

    2. Mfm

      Need to update? So how to play mod?



      12 July 2019 18:09

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