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Day R Premium

Day R Premium
  • Updated
  • Version 1.694
  • Requirements Android 4.0.3
  • Genre Role playing
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  • Google Play
  • Votes: 10967
  • Comments: 131
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Day R Premium - an interesting android game in the style of minimalism, which tells of the painful war times. Your character is in for a lot of difficulties and dangers. Try to survive in these terrible conditions and overcome all the difficulties that will fall on the main character. War is a terrible word. Hunger, devastation, death await every country that will face cruelty and violence. The whole plot will be connected with the war in 1985 that takes place in the USSR. On the streets roam terrible monsters, who are looking for another victim. How to survive in such a world to an ordinary person? How should he act? You will personally help him.

Day R Premium is a unique game that immerses the user in the war years and the post-apocalyptic world. Thanks to the text format, the creators recreated a unique atmosphere of horror and anxiety. On the right side will reflect all the coefficients of your character. There you will see the ratio in percentages of such indicators as hunger, blood loss, fatigue, thirst, as well as the degree of radiation contamination. Behind the back all the time will be hanging a backpack in which you can carry various items and food. The contents of the backpack you can see on the display from the bottom by clicking on a certain button. It is important to take into account the weight of the items carried. You want to take a lot of things, but they will make it difficult for the hero and he will have to part with unnecessary objects and leave only the most necessary things.

During the game, you can determine the location of your character, which will be displayed on a large map, showing also all nearby settlements. Remember that the degree of radiation is much higher in cities than in other places, so try to avoid them. If you still want to go into such territory, then maybe you will be lucky. You will find food, weapons and other items that will give extra time.

The essence of the game looks monotonous: you have to choose the direction and move, look for food, rest places, useful artifacts and fight with enemies and again move along the route. The game will become more interesting the moment you act in the city. We will have to carefully monitor all the indicators, otherwise the character can die of hunger and thirst.

Day R Premium is a great game with exciting tasks, a great world for study and analysis. Try as long as possible to hold out in the world of war and fear and do not allow death to take the protagonist.
Day R Premium
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Comments 131

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  1. Talib Khan
    Talib Khan
    Mod Asphalt 8 mod fast
  2. Guest Unknown
    Guest Unknown
    Even With Vpn It's Not Working
  3. Asher
    Hi. I need ver 679 premium
  4. Its me
    Its me
    Can online? I need online verson mod
  5. gueganteng44
    Can't run the game.

    Ver 1.686
    1. Hal
      No problem with me
  6. Guest Kontol
    Guest Kontol
    pleace fix apk mod ver 1.686
  7. Sportia
    Craft Test error
    On Free Craft Mod version.
  8. Wastelandhiker
    For some reason I can't download your files. Whenever I click on one of the links it just says that the URL can't be found. Do you know how to fix this? I'd be happy about a response.
    1. Midman
      I faced same error.. use vpn it slove this problem
  9. Shahdad
    I update to 1.686
    Now say
    Day r has stopped
  10. Psychopath
    Can any one tell me how to fix game has stopped?
  11. Right side
    Right side
    Thanks man 1.685 mod is properly run... I was waiting for this long
  12. SoloHNTR
    I got some tricks on how to get unlimited caps(not actually unlimited because 99 billion caps). Just download the version 1.667 mod money then play 2-3 missions (to be sure that it saves) then buy some items. Then download the latest version and update the app(just install the latest version). I know some of you ore maybe everyone already knows this but for new players it's a helpful tip😉
    1. Wastelandhiker
      I'm not entirely sure what you mean.
    2. Rodjroy
      How can we save it ? We can't even login using google play. It keeps loading when we are trying to login using google play
  13. SoloHNTR
    Mod unlimited caps for ver 1.682 please
  14. SoloHNTR
    Could you please add some mod for ver. 1.682 please. Unlimited caps only not unlimited crafting
  15. Fariss
    The 1.682 version doesn't work, it crash from the beginning, please fix it
  16. sihol
    ver 1554 only unlimited caps.
    with caps u can buy everything u want.
    that it
  17. sihol
    hi can u add the ver 1554 .i want play old ver.
    when u can use tank .helicopter .etc .
    old version plz
    1. sihol
      thx got ver 607 with helicopter
  18. Guest Anonim
    Guest Anonim
    I know this sounds crazy, but can you make a premium mod money game that can be online mode. 😭🥺
  19. Heman
    Please make a caps mod for 1.680.. Or unlock craft item..pls
  20. Shobhit
    Please add mod unlimited caps in the v1.680

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