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Dawn of Zombies: Survival

Dawn of Zombies: Survival
  • Updated
  • Version 2.151
  • Requirements Android 4.1
  • Genre Action
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 1806
  • Comments: 80
Popularity 64% 64%


Dawn of the Zombies: Survival- action-shooter with elements of survival for Android. After a nuclear war, the planet became a dangerous place. On the planet there are many anomalous zones, one of which will survive to the player. Traveling through the radioactive wasteland, the user will gather vital resources, and fight zombies and horrific mutants. In addition, it will engage in the construction of shelters, the creation of weapons and the construction of various mechanisms and other equipment.
Dawn of Zombies: Survival
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Comments 80

  1. Wash
    Thanks but needs an update pls
  2. liqing1x
    Hopefully the author of Zombie Dawn will put the monsters don't attack feature that allows the player to use freely. Thank you very much, hope to be able to update the game version to 2.151
  3. liqing1x
    Please update the version of the game to 2.151, thank you very much. At the same time, I hope that the game's follow-up function will allow players to close freely.
  4. Dankmemes
    Can work on the anti Ban please
  5. Nottoday
    The game is not working.

    Download ok, but it wont start.

    Anyway thank you 5play for your work
  6. Amerikanski
    Read the Info folks!, if your banned just clear the game data!.
  7. Scorpio
    Keep getting account blocked if come out game go bk in to it every apk from every site does it need anti ban keep playing
  8. Guest Jonathan
    Guest Jonathan
    Waiting for anti ban. Cant bear for repeating the process uninstall/install and repeating from beginning.
  9. Indra Bambang Irawan
    Indra Bambang Irawan
    i do nothing but my account is blocked after restart the game
  10. Guest Mat
    Guest Mat
    Why you just don't make an immortality mod only as an option, it would be great to just be invisible and enjoy the story line. We are talking a game that is played by 11milion players. A private server like coc would be nice as well.
    Keep up the great job
  11. Tanuki_ji
    How not to get banned.
  12. Pav
    I was just wondering, why is the version of the game 2.97? Isnt it 2.94?
  13. LANY
    Actually i like this game👍👍 but the most problem is when you play the game in the first time and activate the mods yeah it's really fun but you if exit the game just 1-2 minutes and play it again ban?😳😳 and if you clear the data and reinstalled it play the game without using the mods some other people say you need to finish you're task here first before you use mod to work correctly but some other missions are crashed a bit disappointing but still i love this website play.ru you're the best.👌👌👌
  14. Guest Sunny
    Guest Sunny
    With certain restrictions ( like free crafting be there but only with corresponding to level) mod capable of access Google Play even pokemon go can access pervious accounts
  15. Pohlforce
    Update please
  16. Gage T. Wheeler
    Gage T. Wheeler
    Do not go to other players bases you will be instant banned
  17. Guest Tom
    Guest Tom
    bad mod. I set up an account, play 1-2 minutes, turn off the game and log in on the second day --- ban.
  18. Ehoussou Kassy Emmanuel
    Ehoussou Kassy Emmanuel
    And Please, At least try to explain us the reason for what until now, we Always continue to get bane from the game. Or overwise tell us if we can make something for help you to fix this problem. Please It's very frustrating. Thank you...
  19. vivek kumar
    vivek kumar
    please solve the blocked issue
  20. EnriqJonsen
    Hey link to download dont work