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  • App WolframAlpha the game is primarily popular among young people who are trained in educational establishments with a mathematical bent. The main thrust of the program, which is embedded in the code and helps in solving various equations or tasks such Sciences: physics, almost all branches of mathematics, mechanics, statistics, probability theory, astronomy, etc.

    A large part of the popularity among young people were obtained through the ability to take integrals. It is worth noting that the program only tells you how to solve a particular task, to take the integral, for example, but does not bring the solution up to the end, that is at your disposal will be a hint of the solution and final answer, without the detailed solutions.

    In addition to these skills, WolframAlpha makes various calculations that are associated with different fields of science. The potential is huge, as you tell me how to calculate the subsistence level and provide calculations related to computer technology.



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