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Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja
  • Updated
  • Version 3.3.4
  • Requirements Android 3.0
  • Genre Arcade
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Fruit Ninja is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable games on Android. Since the release of the app in 2010, it tried more than 20 million users from all corners of our planet. The program is often mentioned in the parody, TV programs and various jokes. Our hero, as the name implies, is a nameless ninja, who decided to use their skills for peaceful purposes. You have to cut the fruit appearing on the display. The gamer can manifest itself in several types of games: classic, arcade, online mode and so-called Zen mode.

In the classics, the player has three lives, which are lost if the fruit touches the floor. From time to time appear in the sky the bombs. They must be avoided, otherwise the level will have to reboot. You can cut the fruit as one finger or more, depending on how the user would prefer. For slicing multiple products with one blow accrued more points. After a hundred fruit give the player a bonus life.

In the arcade mode your task is different. Bombs don't kill you but deprive you of a dozen points. Drop the fruit on the floor also does not entail serious consequences. The gamer is required to chop as many products as possible in sixty seconds. At the end materializes grenades. It is necessary to violently hack to buy much more points.

Fruit Ninja in Zen mode offers selflessly to chop the ingredients, removing all the unpleasant conventions (bombs and fines for fall), except for restrictions under 90 seconds. This type of game is perfect for competition with friends. The acquired points can be spent on improvements.

The developers have added a network mode in which your fruits are designated in one color, and the fruit of your opponent – to others. Possible game on a single display that is divided in half. Fruit Ninja won a well-deserved popularity thanks to exciting and thoughtful gameplay. I advise you to read with this app.
Fruit Ninja
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  1. Ethan Khalil Gudes
    Ethan Khalil Gudes
    Don't download this app.it says fruit ninja has stopped
    1. Tyriqueherbert-jemmott
      You shut up it works for me!!!🙅

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