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Android 4.1
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War Robots - multiplayer online shooter, which is proposed to take control of a giant robot and fight on the battlefield with other users from around the world. Single campaign is not here. The action begins with a hangar in which the player can first look at his robot. Further, after pressing the corresponding button, the game sends the user to a random fight, where he will have to learn the basics of management.

The virtual joystick on the left is responsible for moving around the map, the weapon shooting buttons are on the right. Rotate the tower by swipe in the right direction. On the combat vehicle, you can install two weapons. Usually they are a machine gun and rocket launcher, but with the help of game currency you can diversify your arsenal. Money is given for the successful completion of battles, so that the upgrade of the robot will be possible only after frequent victories in battles.

One of the main advantages of the game is the excellent optimization for any device on the Android OS - there are no lags and freezes. And this is in the presence of good 3D graphics and the need to connect to the Internet. Excellent visual effects and sound bring pleasure from the shooting of giant mechanoids. War Robots - a great online shooter, designed for fans of multiplayer battles like WoT.
Популярность 91% 91%
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Mod - unlimited bullets

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Comments (12)

  1. Masis
    № 5
    23 March 2019 22:18
    + -3 -
    The obb zip file isn't belong to this game after I played the game I saw that the APK is downloading source of game about 606Mg/ Don't Download this game by mistake..
  2. Guest Punisher
    № 4
    16 March 2019 12:27
    + +9 -
    On file is wrong!!!!!
  3. rookz
    № 3
    15 March 2019 21:38
    + +14 -
    do i need to pay for this mod to work, because it says download failed because you may not have purcase the app??
    is that supose to happen?!!
    1. Guest Punisher
      № 2
      16 March 2019 18:44
      + +5 -
      Yeah, OBB file is wrong
    2. Man
      № 1
      17 March 2019 02:41
      + +4 -
      U have to have it in ur google play library
    3. Bullets modz
      № 0
      5 April 2019 09:31
      + +5 -
      Download Es explorer
      Then go see apk info
      U will find a numver near the name
      Go to your original obb file and rename the number!
  4. Foxman
    № -1
    14 March 2019 23:26
    + -4 -
    The requested URL /efe360824af1924536ce2b4853735815:2019031500/files/war-robots-4.8.0-mod-t-5play.ru.apk was not found on this server.
  5. Foxman
    № -2
    14 March 2019 21:49
    + -6 -
    Link not working...says URL not found on server!
    1. aladin
      Chief Editor
      № -3
      14 March 2019 22:01
      1. Help page is of no help
        № -4
        19 March 2019 04:20
        + -5 -
        Have downloaded many things from you before but now I cannot download ANYTHING using my phone or my computer. This is the only thing I get in the last week or so: The requested URL /efe360824af1924536ce2b4853735815:2019031500/files/war-robots-4.8.0-mod-t-5play.ru.apk was not found on this server.
    2. aladin
      Chief Editor
      № -5
      14 March 2019 22:01
      1. Worthless
        № -6
        20 April 2019 23:36
        + -1 -
        I have NO ad blockers! Still not working!