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Kingdom Rush

Android 4.0
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Kingdom Rush – a strategy game subgenre of Tower Defense, which tells about the struggle with otherworldly forces. The gameplay is typical for this type of strategies. The playing area has several trails on which waves of enemies will attack. To protect yourself, you must build towers.

There are several types of towers: infantry, crossbow, protective, with detachments of soldiers. Each building can be upgraded with in game currency, which is given for successful completion of levels. In addition to the towers, to protect involved the main character. You can choose first of several proposed options. Each of the characters has its own characteristics and skills that will be useful when defending from enemy attacks.

The game is divided into several missions. Each of them must fend off waves of orcs, demons, goblins and other creatures. In the final fight with the main antagonist – the demon king. Graphics and music is up to par. Buildings, characters and enemies have their own unique look. The soundtrack also adds to the battles and dynamics of the atmosphere. Kingdom Rush – beautiful TD–a strategy that will satisfy fans of the genre.
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