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Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2
  • Updated
  • Version 2.10.0
  • Requirements Android 3.0
  • Genre Action
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  • Google Play
  • Votes: 61261
  • Comments: 18
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Shadow Fight 2 - an excellent fighting game on android in accordance with all the canons of the genre. You will pass a long way of a warrior, defeating many dangerous enemies. According to the plot, the protagonist was under the influence of a mysterious force that made him a nameless shadow. For the sake of saving the world, he needs to forever lock the Gates of Shadows, having first overcome all opponents who are trying to prevent this noble goal.

The game world is divided into six provinces headed by local bosses. It will not be easy to get to each of them, since all the leaders have their own army of inveterate thugs. However, you can fight not only with the main plot enemies, but also with the participants of local tournaments in order to earn extra money and increase your rank. For the money received weapons and armor.

Shadow Fight 2 features an excellent character animation. Due to the variety of smoothly traced strokes of the battle look spectacular and spectacular. Physics is also spelled out with dignity; it brings a substantial share of realism into the game. The backdrops are made in a minimalist style, without distracting the player from participating in a fierce fight.

Management is reduced to a virtual joystick and two keys. However, despite the seeming simplicity, the main character has a wide arsenal of attacks and combos. They are performed using the sequential use of the above buttons. A character can get stronger with weapons and armor. They appear and are bought in the process of passing the game.

So, the continuation of Shadow Fight 2 turned out to be extremely successful. If we talk about the shortcomings, it is worth noting not the best responsiveness of management, as well as donat, without which the difficulty of passing increases several times. The game should be recommended to seasoned fans of the genre.
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Shadow Fight 2
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Comments 18

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  1. Huzaifa
    Can't ask for an update request.
    It says "same version as on playstore"

    But the game isn't running it's asking for uptade.

    Which i think a server update. But the logo is changed tho on playstore.
  2. Guest Unknown
    Guest Unknown
    The link is not working 5play.ru it stayed The requested URL /665bdffbc91674e19c747b8879b4d6e2:2021020809/files/shadow-fight-2-v2.9.0-mod-t-5play.ru.apk was not found on this server 😭
  3. Gogong
    Oppppppppppps fake
  4. Name
    The rubies does not work for raid, and that is all I want
  5. Guest Manoj
    Guest Manoj
    File not found bata rahai bhai
    1. Huzaifa
      If it was why I'm playing it now.
  6. Pandu
    Hey, the guy pasting these mod apks, can you please elaborate the mod apk, like unlimited coins, gems and levels
    Last time, I had played a mod, in which I get 2 coins every game I won, that was not much, but verified
    1. Huzaifa
      This is the mod bruh
  7. abh
    It is showing requesting for update is not for guests.
  8. Abhi Shetty
    Abhi Shetty
    Now its asking for update what to do please help
    If i press update it opens play store where there is no update option
    Please help
  9. Guest Anonymous
    Guest Anonymous
    It says game data may be corrupted every time I try to launch the game. I uninstall and reinstall it to see if the problem's fixed but it says the same thing. Please fix.
    1. Guest Lol
      Guest Lol
      Open by turning off wifi and mobile data
  10. Guest Anas
    Guest Anas
    Wow Amazing mod . Thank you.5PLAY.RU IS THE BEST WEBSITE
  11. Ansh
    Shadow fight 2 hack
  12. Add a mod pls
    Add a mod pls
    pls add a mod....
    1. Lakshan Deshapriya
      Lakshan Deshapriya
      1. Please add the mod apk
        Please add the mod apk

      2. Guest Sam
        Guest Sam
        Are you a sri Lankan?

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