Bad Piggies HD

Bad Piggies HD
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  • Bad Piggies is a fun arcade on android from the company Rovio, which is similar to its predecessor Anfry Birds only graphic style, otherwise it is completely separate product with completely different gameplay. According to the plot, pigs are deprived of a card that can lead them from a lost island. From the player it is required to help havronjam, having collected it on slices.

    The sensations of the game process make one remember another project Rovio, Amazing Alex, which, however, did not gain much popularity. To get to the fragment of the map is required on a special mobile structure, which you need to collect at the very beginning of the level. At the player's disposal are umbrellas, springs, wheels, engines, and other design elements.

    It is important not to properly assemble the car, but also to bring it to the finish line, incidentally collecting all the counter bonuses. In Bad Piggies your race is ranked to a power of one to three stars. And to get the maximum score from the first attempt is often very difficult, if not impossible. We have to pereprohody level, given the errors in the creation of the machine and its movement.

    If you desperate to go through a particularly difficult place, the game can sell you a hint. In this case, the computer will automatically assemble the device, instructing the gamer only to take him to the target. However, such a waste of money is very doubtful, given that on the Internet you can find ready-made passages. Bad Piggies turned out to be an interesting and high-quality game, which will please both fans of angry birds, and people who are not familiar with this application (if, of course, those are among users of mobile devices).


Bad Piggies HD

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    1. Pokexns_2

      It says Not found url STUPID DEVELOPER BUT ONLY 9000 DISLIKES



      19 February 2020 15:24

    2. Olga

      Me encanta mocho



      23 January 2020 06:05

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