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Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival
  • Updated
  • Version 1.20.3 (500680)
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Genre Action
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 80120
  • Comments: 533
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Last Day on Earth: Survival - an adventure game that tells the story of the hero's survival after a zombie apocalypse. An unknown virus destroyed almost the entire population of the Earth, turning it into a crowd of walking dead. Only a few, having immunity to the virus, were able to survive and continue to exist. One of these lucky ones turned out to be the main character, for which he will play.

In the game you need to do typical actions for games of this genre. The character needs to build and modernize the shelter, which will help in the fight against the raids of zombies. The remaining survivors, too, should beware, as not all of them are friendly towards other people. In an open game world, you can find all the items and materials that will be needed in the construction. We also need to look for food, hunting and gathering.

The game has a good graphics and convenient control with a view from above. Atmospheric soundtrack keeps in suspense. There is also a multiplayer in which you can meet other players and either unite with them or fight. Last Day on Earth: Survival is an excellent survival simulator, which definitely will appeal to fans of post-apocalypse themes.
Last Day on Earth: Survival
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Comments 533

  1. Le terrible
    Le terrible
    Updat please
  2. Stalonez
    Update new version please to 1.18.10 and fix the bug in police station. Thank you for your effort....
  3. W VR
    W VR
    I cannot back to base.
    What should I do, huh ?
    Answer me immediately. !!!
  4. Unknown.
    When I open the mod apk, it suddenly freezes with a black screen. Please fix it.
  5. Guest Mark
    Guest Mark
    The durability is not working please fix it
  6. Pheonix
    There is a bug within the game itself, and because of the mods too.. After playing for too long, you won't return to your base whatever you do.. Even you finish main quest or craft everything on the spot.. I must say the mods is good but it really stuck at loading screen when returning home..
  7. Guest Ahmed Mohamed
    Guest Ahmed Mohamed
    Can we get unlimited coins on the next update ?
  8. Guest Никита
    Guest Никита
    Как я выхожу больше не могу вайти в игру вылитает
    1. Petras
      Go to apps permissions and turn on full screen permisions works for me
  9. Guest Akash
    Guest Akash
    Anyone having any problem going in Blackport PD? It gets stuck in loading screen.
    1. Hani Omar
      Hani Omar
      Me too.
      and the weapons and cloths wear out
  10. Guest Mohammad
    Guest Mohammad
    thanks for new update guys
    some problem still feel problem yet
    2.zombie track
    3.assaulte armors
    4.dragunov gun
    i cant build this cases and the game without them specially chooper is nothing.
    please fix this problem thanks...
  11. Guest Akash
    Guest Akash
    Great work guys. But the problem again occured with the multiplication of boxes and crate. Last update was good when you use an item it vanishes, which is normal and working greatly. This new update, you guys changed this option and when ever I have to drop a box or move a crate, it creates an alternate item. You cannot get rid of the box anymore and it's messing everything up. Please, do some patch update to solve this prob.
  12. Guest Mamad
    Guest Mamad
    thanks for mod game team!
    but i have some problem...
    1. i.cant build mil.24
    2. i.cant creat mod guns
    3. i cant use draganof gun and when i use it my game going for hangup!
    4. i cant use black army clothes beacuse they have no armor
    5. track zombie cant be build
    6. some building cant to be build
    7. crash plan or dealer event dont be show in map!
    if you can fix them your work going for great like alaways
    thank you
    1. Si Thu Kaung San
      Si Thu Kaung San
      most item what you say are also doesnt still exists in original game. if you can build it your game data will be crushed
    2. Ryu
      Most of that list you can not do it because of the game. Like truck and everything else u say . Inform urself
    3. Kier
      I cant play im stuck at loading screen what should I do, before that, I try to craft the sniper then start not to open
  13. Lil Creasy
    Lil Creasy
    I really need gas tank for chopper 😅
    1. Mrx.1400
      میخوای یادت بدم‌چطور بازی رو مود کنی و تمام ایتم‌های رو زیادوکنی بعد بیاری تو بازی اصلی بازی کنی
  14. Jigger
    Hi can you fix the problem in this mod? The game is going smooth but i've just found out that there's a one problem everytime i need to grab something to put on other place then the problem start please fix this error thank you
  15. Mshmsh
    How can i update without loosing my progress ?
    1. 7s8s
      Copy the data first for backup the delete the original app. Install the modded one the put the obb in obb and copy the data you save for backup earlier the load the app.
  16. Kyutaki
    new update please
  17. xenna
    is ok to craft assault suit?
    how about motor boat?
  18. ferdie
    hey guys. for those who have problems putting down boxes or generators. NOT A BUG thats also a cheat. a nice one like splitting. just put it on the back of your chopper or atv after splitting or dropping many
    1. Johanan Pyokdom
      Johanan Pyokdom
      But it's messing me up I can't move to anywhere with dropping generators and it can't stop
  19. Mr_345y
    I can't drop the generator and the box too! Is it the bug from the developer or the modded version?

    Edit : i know what causes of that. it was because the unlimited food/resources mod can't be disabled. Better made some Floating mod menu.
  20. Vintage
    i can put electric generator if i drop in my hand still got that things