Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival
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    Android 4.1

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  • Last Day on Earth: Survival - an adventure game that tells the story of the hero's survival after a zombie apocalypse. An unknown virus destroyed almost the entire population of the Earth, turning it into a crowd of walking dead. Only a few, having immunity to the virus, were able to survive and continue to exist. One of these lucky ones turned out to be the main character, for which he will play.

    In the game you need to do typical actions for games of this genre. The character needs to build and modernize the shelter, which will help in the fight against the raids of zombies. The remaining survivors, too, should beware, as not all of them are friendly towards other people. In an open game world, you can find all the items and materials that will be needed in the construction. We also need to look for food, hunting and gathering.

    The game has a good graphics and convenient control with a view from above. Atmospheric soundtrack keeps in suspense. There is also a multiplayer in which you can meet other players and either unite with them or fight. Last Day on Earth: Survival is an excellent survival simulator, which definitely will appeal to fans of post-apocalypse themes.


Last Day on Earth: Survival

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Comments (250)

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    1. Postalhawk

      Sucks that sector 7 freezes the game. If you just don't go to sector 7 I have had only 1 other glitch. The guy at the gas station won't take my chips for a new bike. Once you go to sector 7 and fixs the terminal you can't get your game back. I copied the save data and then cleaned the cache and deleted all data and started fresh. Played a bit and then closed the game and put my old save back. The game actually loaded to the map. Then no matter where I traveled to or tried to enter it would freeze. If you try to go to sector 7 you will lose your game.



      16 January 2020 03:20

    2. Blade9778

      It can't even open the game
      It keeps on loading



      13 January 2020 05:45

    3. Cruzito624

      I'm still not able to access my base I'll waited a few days to start again to see if I was able to enter my base can you please fix the issue please thanks



      12 January 2020 09:27

      1. Kekeee

        I also have that problem.. what i do is i reinstall the mod.. you need to connect your account in google play to not lose your data

        some said if you connect your google play account it doesnt waork. but mine is working idk



        13 January 2020 09:18

        1. Ziraf

          Connet to google play? How ? Tell me please..hmm thats interesting



          15 January 2020 22:10

        2. Cruzito624

          How were you able to connect to your google account I've tried so many times and it says no connection if you know way I can save my account please explain to me how thank you



          16 January 2020 09:45

    4. Player 5245

      Can't enter my base


      Player 5245

      11 January 2020 04:24

    5. Guest Denis

      Started new game.. but loading screen fucked upp wait one our but nothing fix game guys thanks...


      Guest Denis

      8 January 2020 15:03

      1. Blade 9778

        Just copy d data to any where in your file manager
        Then go to d game and clear its data
        Then go to d copied data and delete cache and d there folders in it
        After DAT return the copied data back to its normal place
        Then try the game again


        Blade 9778

        13 January 2020 06:23

        1. Ziraf

          Nope , still can't...maybe we can have a good answer with the new update about it xD cl#crossfinger



          20 January 2020 05:28

    6. Steven Tuarez

      No puedo entrar a mi base, pueden solucionar ese problema ya llevo 2 días sin poder entrar, gracias de antemano


      Steven Tuarez

      7 January 2020 23:15

    7. Cruzito624

      Still can't enter my base it stays on the loading screen can you please fix the issue please I would really appreciate it thank you



      5 January 2020 23:38

      1. Player5524

        Still can't enter my base



        11 January 2020 04:19

    8. Cruzito624

      Why can't I enter my base can you please fix the problem thank you



      5 January 2020 05:32

    9. Guest Denis

      Plzzz guys help me i start in sector 7 and stuck... tel me how fix game and my work save...


      Guest Denis

      4 January 2020 17:21

      1. Pav

        Got same problem here mate



        6 January 2020 15:49

    10. Josh

      I got stuck when I started leaving my things in sector 7, please fix it.



      4 January 2020 05:22

      1. Guest Denis

        Same dude... my work... :(


        Guest Denis

        4 January 2020 17:18

    11. Cruzito624

      Why can't I enter the game it gets stuck on the loading screen I'm not able to load into the game can you please fix the issue please thank you



      30 December 2019 06:45

    12. Cruzito624

      Why can't I enter my base it let's me enter my base but when I sign back into the game it doesn't let me enter my base can you please fix the problem



      29 December 2019 04:18

    13. Cruzito624

      Now I can't fast travel to different spots on the map and I'm having to eat and drink more water every second now can you please fix the problem please..



      28 December 2019 23:13

    14. Cruzito624

      I can't enter my base it stays on the loading screen it wasn't doing this a hour I was able to enter my base but now I can't and it's not letting me feed my dogs how are they gunna grow if I can't feed them can you please fix the problem. Thanks



      28 December 2019 22:48

    15. Momos

      I am unable to open the doors as well as some crates in the game once i quit the game. Everything was fine until this problem with the doors arised. Please fix this. I will ave to rest the entire game to get rid oft this bug. Please......



      28 December 2019 10:35

    16. STALONEZ

      Dear admin, why we can't enter our base? Was the mod error? Please fix it. Thank you before. 🙏



      27 December 2019 17:52

    17. Escanor

      Can't go back to the base, although I can enter anywhere in the map except for the base.



      26 December 2019 12:58

    18. Ahh

      Since we can split items many times. Maybe you can turn the refining of ornaments back to normal. I can't finish the task upgrade the fairy lights, because it automatically max it out.



      25 December 2019 15:49

    19. ryu

      well now i got past the loading screen but the mod DOES NOT work for me this time :( i tried to split a few items and it literally just divides them into two for example if i have 20 bolts, once i split them i'll get 2 10 bolts. please fix this :(



      24 December 2019 18:35

    20. Edgar

      O get to a certain level then my game gets stuck on the log in screen come on guys whats wrong with LDOE this use to be the beat app for mods .



      24 December 2019 10:48

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