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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack (Premium)

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack (Premium)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.706
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Genre Arcade
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 2891
  • Comments: 72
Popularity 65% 65%


Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack (Premium) - canonical scrolling shooter in the best traditions of the retro genre. The plot of the game takes place in space, where the player will meet with an Armada of alien ships heading to Earth. To prevent the enslavement of the planet of intergalactic invaders, you must destroy all waves of incoming enemies. To do this, he will be able to apply the full power of your spacecraft with great power. During the passage of a gamer has the opportunity to enjoy classic gameplay, gorgeous visuals and sophisticated system of ship upgrades.
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack (Premium)
Download Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack (Premium) free for android
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Comments 72

  1. Elie
    why no update to version 525 and 526?
  2. 🎂
    Please add god mod
    1. Darky
      I guess you mean one hit, cause godmode is allready implemented.
  3. Darkxo
    Please add the onehit again.
  4. Guest Ahmad
    Guest Ahmad
    Hello brother I could not access on real game and no gemes are converted in simple mood please help me bro my what's app no. Is +923005828999
  5. Marcelo Ramirez
    Marcelo Ramirez
    Please make a onehit version for this event.
  6. kashif Niaz
    kashif Niaz
    thanks....can we get all ships unlocked
  7. Guest Zakaria
    Guest Zakaria
    Why I can't die at all!? This make the game have no challenges
    Please make it normal again
  8. Basti basti
    Basti basti
    إرجع وضع الإله لأن هذا حدث ويجب قتل زعيم الحدث بسرعة للشراء
  9. Basti basti
    Basti basti
    Return the god mode because this happened and the event leader must be killed quickly to buy
  10. streetrock
    Hi, Can you please Remove GOD mod and leave other mods as it is.
  11. Guest Ajay
    Guest Ajay
    Hey modder your gems not working it server sided and gold also decrease after spend fix it, if possible
  12. Guest Tina
    Guest Tina
    Can you please make it update facebook/Gmail acct so these upgrades work in regular game play
  13. Starzzzz
    Can you switch GOD mode on and off. It's no fun all the time playing with god mode.
  14. Marlin
    With the latest mod 1.506 it loads the data but does not save the purchases on the server.
  15. Hugo Tran
    Hugo Tran
    Please fix ver 1.505. We can not log in to FB, Google to play Guild, PVP and when shoping It seems not sync data when switch to pure APK version. Pls fix this issue. Thank you.
  16. Mamad
    Hi. Thanks for updating your mod but there is a few things that i notice here:
    1. Can not sign in with google play or facebook ( Login fail. For google play sign in) so we can't participate in events or pvp
    2. When we buy sth like gems it won't come to main game (maybe it is because of the first problem that i mentioned).
    Thanks in advance.
    1. magaloche
      yes it work, data loaded, but i see the game is offline now, so impossible to login FB/Google or buy any materials or play in event.

      they did a good job, there is not much left to make it work wonderfully, let's give them a little more time, play-ru is the best as far as I know.
      1. Mamad
        If they fix this problem it would be wonderful.
  17. Guest Bob
    Guest Bob
    Please work your magic. Need a version that updates your progress. This calls for a real good hack. Only the best can fix this onE BLESSINGS
  18. Guest Bob
    Guest Bob
    We haven't had a MOD since August that would update game progress. We really need the expert to work his magic. Blessings
  19. magaloche
    I think the game administrators have found a solution to all the modified versions, so we are in deep trouble, as soon as you load the game, it erases all your progress, it's done on purpose, so just wait until someone looks at the problem and releases a version that works, or that is beyond the control of the administrators.
  20. meysam 123
    meysam 123
    Hi. I have a problem with the game. Until a few days ago, I could easily buy all the coins, diamonds and spaceships with the modded program, but four days ago, while playing, the program was suddenly closed, and when I reopened the program, it was updated to the latest version, and all the coins and diamonds The score was zero and the game started from the beginning. After this incident, I installed the program more than a hundred times. But I am no longer able to receive coins, diamonds and other items for free, and as soon as I turn on the vpn of the program, it is updated to the new version, and when I am able to buy items and diamonds, I encounter the message Hack detect. I wanted to ask you to provide a solution to this problem so that the program is not updated to the new version and I will be able to receive free coins, diamonds, spacecraft and various items as before. Provide a new modded version so that we can receive items for free as before. Thanks to the good site administrators