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Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival
  • Updated
  • Version 1.20.3 (500680)
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Genre Action
  • Price Free
  • Votes: 79933
  • Comments: 532
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Last Day on Earth: Survival - an adventure game that tells the story of the hero's survival after a zombie apocalypse. An unknown virus destroyed almost the entire population of the Earth, turning it into a crowd of walking dead. Only a few, having immunity to the virus, were able to survive and continue to exist. One of these lucky ones turned out to be the main character, for which he will play.

In the game you need to do typical actions for games of this genre. The character needs to build and modernize the shelter, which will help in the fight against the raids of zombies. The remaining survivors, too, should beware, as not all of them are friendly towards other people. In an open game world, you can find all the items and materials that will be needed in the construction. We also need to look for food, hunting and gathering.

The game has a good graphics and convenient control with a view from above. Atmospheric soundtrack keeps in suspense. There is also a multiplayer in which you can meet other players and either unite with them or fight. Last Day on Earth: Survival is an excellent survival simulator, which definitely will appeal to fans of post-apocalypse themes.
Last Day on Earth: Survival
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Comments 532

  1. Crypt
    Wen can you update it to season 5. Would be great if you did
  2. Dakota
    The new pass started wen are you able to update the mods
    1. Paytm
      My paytm number is 9650826871 and do a transaction of 500 ill give u the mod non rooted devices that will also works in latest version too
  3. Ramz
    I replaced my old obb with new one but lm still in v1.15. How to fix plss..
  4. Siddhesh
    How can I update in season 4
  5. jeremy
    hey the mod said infinite streng on weopen and armor but its not and cannot repair my guns cause repair station is cannot be created wtf please fix
  6. haxor
    Hi, First of all thank you kindly for your great work, unfortunately there is a bug where you will instantly become disable and need to pee everytime you use any single consumable like food, drink and first aid which cause you to die from attackers. Is there way to fix please? and thank you.
  7. Just Me
    Just Me
    mod is getting worse. every time we eat anything, we urinate right away.
  8. aerdei
    the season 5 mod have some big problem. when i take some food, medicine or any food thing. its always make player want to pee, even just 1 food its always want to pee. would you like to fix this? player cannot survive because of this problem. thank you
    1. Oeieidi
      Yeah me too it sucks
  9. Cruzito624
    Can you please fix the base issue please i had to delete the game just to see if the issue would stop but it didn't and I ain't tryna start over and over again can you please fix the issue please thanks
    1. Lunatic
      Bro I've been doing the same uninstall the game reinstalled it tried this couple of times but still the same issue still can't enter my base.. any clues what should be done ??
    2. I know how to solve the problem.
      I know how to solve the problem.
      1. Edit the name of zombie.survival.z into a different name.
      2. Delete the game
      3. Reinstall the game.
      4. Edit the name into the original name.

      This method worked for me
  10. Guest
    It's a have max level mod
  11. Cruzito624
    Still can't enter my base can you please fix the issue admin I left over 5 or more comments about the problem with the base not able to enter it can fix the issue before the next update comes out please thanks
  12. Ziraf
    With honor and hope, please fix the loading when we want to go to our base..its like freezing .. all my work so sad
  13. Angel Palacios
    Angel Palacios
    Fui entre al bunker que solo pide contraceña y cuando regreso a casa y le doy entrar no me carga aunque reinicie y fuerze el cerrado del juego nada y si borro los datos perdefe el progreso y asi aburre me ayudan
    1. Abraham
      Cuando hace eso solo deja que se suerte por si solo es decir sal del juego pero no lo quites de las aplicaciones recientes ponte a jugar o hacer otra cosa el juego finaliza y luego ábrelo y funcionara bn otra vez
  14. Cruzito624
    Still can't unable to enter my base i waited hours to see if I could enter my base still nothing can please fix the issue with base please thank you
  15. Cruzito624
    So I got myself killed to see if that would place me on my base and by doing that it got on the loading screen so closed the app to see if it would put me back in the but nope so now I can't even enter the game when I log back in the game I would really appreciate it that you this issue gets fixed soon.
    1. Guest Ghost
      Guest Ghost
      Same here i can't
  16. Cruzito624
    Again with the base not unable to enter it again it was working just fine a few mins ago I was able to enter for a couple hours since I last posted a comment about it can you please just fix the issue please
  17. Cruzito624
    I still can't enter my base it's been about a week or 2 since I've been unable to enter my base can please fix issues I don't wanna have to start over again so if you can please fix the issue I would really appreciate it thank you
  18. Postalhawk
    Sucks that sector 7 freezes the game. If you just don't go to sector 7 I have had only 1 other glitch. The guy at the gas station won't take my chips for a new bike. Once you go to sector 7 and fixs the terminal you can't get your game back. I copied the save data and then cleaned the cache and deleted all data and started fresh. Played a bit and then closed the game and put my old save back. The game actually loaded to the map. Then no matter where I traveled to or tried to enter it would freeze. If you try to go to sector 7 you will lose your game.
  19. Blade9778
    It can't even open the game
    It keeps on loading
  20. Cruzito624
    I'm still not able to access my base I'll waited a few days to start again to see if I was able to enter my base can you please fix the issue please thanks
    1. Kekeee
      I also have that problem.. what i do is i reinstall the mod.. you need to connect your account in google play to not lose your data

      some said if you connect your google play account it doesnt waork. but mine is working idk
      1. Ziraf
        Connet to google play? How ? Tell me please..hmm thats interesting
      2. Cruzito624
        How were you able to connect to your google account I've tried so many times and it says no connection if you know way I can save my account please explain to me how thank you