State of Survival

State of Survival
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    Android 4.1

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  • State of Survival - post-apocalyptic strategy game that takes place six months after the spread of the zombie virus. The user will go to the Badlands, to found their shelter for the remaining survivors. To expand the territory of the fortification, the player must use the skills of the heroes, send them in raids for valuable resources. Also he will need the organization of defense against the hordes of the walking dead and insidious looters. The successful development of asylum will allow you to get permanent improvements, and perhaps find an antidote against contagion.


State of Survival

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Comments (11)

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    1. musa nura

      Hi i love the game is nice, i tired the mod but is not working, you could put details on how its works and how to work with it, please make it work i am really waiting for your next updated, please..,


      musa nura

      29 January 2020 22:52

    2. chonht96

      Mod not working
      Cannot finish any Explore Challenge. notice"Data Verification failed" and then must restart game



      2 January 2020 05:18

    3. Tony

      Why would you waste our time with a fake mod??



      2 January 2020 03:26

    4. Paulo Ramos

      I cant vinculate my account

      Please fix this


      Paulo Ramos

      29 December 2019 12:16

    5. Batman

      this mod what it should do to me seems to be not working is exactly like the original apk .. in addition the mission operator path not funzuona is blocked with the restart of the game
      please can you fix this?
      put a detailed description of the mod to understand its operation



      5 December 2019 17:05

    6. Levent Baydar

      I updated the game but this time when ı start game it stops working ı cant play the game.


      Levent Baydar

      19 November 2019 17:08

    7. Levent Baydar

      A new update has come from play store and waiting for you to take care of the game and please correct the mistakes urgently.hope verification data fail solved with new update.please update the game.requesting


      Levent Baydar

      19 November 2019 13:49

    8. Levent Baydar

      Verification data fails game restarts and gettin bored of this stupid mistake pls solve it othervise ı will stop downloading games from your site.this is not the first time happening every game have mistakes every time.please pay more attention.


      Levent Baydar

      19 November 2019 02:42

    9. Guest Lol

      Why the verification data always failed ?


      Guest Lol

      20 October 2019 10:16

    10. Samsuri

      please share original Apk



      27 August 2019 04:13

    11. RAMO

      It need an update pls



      6 August 2019 20:59

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