Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom
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    Android 4.1

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    Role playing

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  • Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is a game that is a mix of strategy and RPG. In it the player will take control of the fortress and fight against the attacks of external enemies. In the story the castle was recently attacked by a demonic Lord. He leveled possessions and kidnapped the Princess. Now the protagonist must return it, defeat the foe and restore the grandeur of his settlement.

    Gameplay project resembles a Fallout Shelter. A few of the first settlers should be moved to the barracks and their forces need to confront the orcs. During battles, the user will get the gold chests with valuables. He also receives new residents. Depending on the skills necessary to distribute their activities to the extracted basic resources - apples and gold coins. They will contribute to the development of the city.

    Along with the single player campaign there is a multiplayer. On the game map will be the fortress of other users. By performing exploration, you need to decide whether to attack or not. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom in addition to good gameplay component and has beautiful graphics. Characters drawn well, and the detail of the castle is done at the highest level. All of the above will be forced to pay attention to the project, fans of the genre.


Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

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Comments (5)

    1. E

      Is Very Good Im happy



      8 August 2019 19:51

    2. Meme

      God mode is pointless because it shows you won but you actually lost



      16 January 2019 09:00

    3. Anonim8865

      After the last maintenance is a problem with the rewards, you didnt recive anymore.. fix it please, wiat for an answare or mail after the problem is fix



      22 December 2018 10:19

      1. Anonim4356

        Same problem at portal rewards, fix it please



        22 December 2018 10:51

        1. Predy

          Don't cheat 😉



          21 March 2019 22:48

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