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Modern Warplanes

Android 2.3
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Modern Warplanes - exciting action, in which the user sits at the helm of the aircraft engine and go into air battles. The story here is missing, like a single mission. Players only multiplayer modes and survival. The location is small and not very diverse: only change weather and time of day. All fights take place over the expanse of the ocean. When success in battle at the expense of the pilot, dripping a currency, which you can purchase a new winged car or put improvements on the old.

The control is implemented is typical for projects of this kind on the Android device. The turns performed by the accelerometer, and shooting and acceleration - using on-screen keys. Hardcore gamers saddened by the fact that target acquisition is automatic.

One of the advantages of the game is the graphics component. The team notably worked on the aircraft models. The sky and water surface is level. The background music suits the visuals, the optimization is also good. Modern Warplanes - great multiplayer action, which will appeal to lovers of online battles.
Популярность 87% 87%
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Mod - money

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Comments (6)

  1. Jeff
    № 5
    13 June 2019 14:45
    + -1 -
    No more mod for this? Free shopping? Money and gold increase?
  2. cover
    № 4
    10 May 2019 16:52
    + +7 -
    yup it's not unlocked, the mod was failed, looks like just original apk, maybe you need to update the patch!
    1. yes no unlock gmm
      № 3
      22 May 2019 18:08
      + -2 -
      plis take update first i wan play
  3. Conan
    № 2
    27 April 2019 22:51
    + +3 -
    Its not unlocked. How to unlock it.
  4. Jeffrey
    № 1
    19 March 2019 16:27
    + +2 -
    New version patched 1.8.4 please update thanks ☺️
  5. A-Vladimir
    № 0
    5 March 2019 10:40
    + +5 -
    The silver and gold hacks don't work