Soul Hunters

Soul Hunters
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    Android 3.2

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    Role playing

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  • Soul Hunters - RPG for the devices on the Android platform, has all the advantages of a quality representative of its genre: memorable characters, special abilities and leveling system. The plot in a fantasy world game of chaos and anarchy. Civilians came under attack by demonic creatures and monsters. Only one hero can stop it. He assembles a team and goes to fight evil.

    Of the player in the first stage are introduced to the combat mechanics. The battles take place in the 5 by 5. Teams strike each other blows. Among the units you can see a lot of colorful characters, among them Marines, wizards, archers, tanks, clerics. Also available spetsumeniya, can strongly pull the opponent. In a battle you need to competently build a strategy depending on the characteristics of the characters.

    The main menu is a map where you can find a variety of buildings. Some are forges where the forged weapons and armor, while others are for the pumping abilities of the characters. There is also an arena where you can fight against real opponents, but it is available only for users of a certain level. Soul Hunters - RPG, able to lure for a long time.


Soul Hunters

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