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The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter

The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter
  • Updated
  • Version 3.6.12
  • Requirements Android 4.3
  • Genre Action
  • Views 388 868
  • Google Play
  • Votes: 2822
  • Comments: 95
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The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter - shooter on the theme of a zombie Apocalypse with polygon graphics. In the story the main character is born infected with the zombie virus mother. He manages to survive thanks to the protection of other people in the future, he grows up and begins to fight with the walking dead. In the process of passing the gamer together with the character will perform a variety of tasks to eliminate the mutants, bandits, and monstrous bosses, will visit a huge variety of locations and will earn the necessary experience.
The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter
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Comments 95

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  1. lxnar
    take god mode and unlimited ammunition off thr mod
  2. He he
    He he
    Please add a mod menu to turn off and on things.
    By the way this is the best mod of The walking zombie ii
  3. Guest Justin
    Guest Justin
    If yall dont want to restart from the beginning just rename the data file and put something or like "1" then erase the "1" after you installed the app
  4. Soul777
    Please add a menu to turn on or off -- godmode, highdamage, free unlimited shopping, maxed out perks or points or unlimited, that's it we need some thing like a mod menu to turn off or on these features as we like... and do this same to day r premium latest version... add free shopping and mod menu which include switches to off or on free craft , unlimited health etc
  5. AURA
    I can't purchase golds and silver
  6. Guest Justin
    Guest Justin
    Please turn off the god mode
    1. Bangsat
      Just download the second mod dude whats ur problem
  7. DVonderhaar
    The free shopping doesn't useful in 3.6.10.There have some IAP weapon ,vehicle and equipment that I can't buy it.When I click the "buy" button,nothing happens.Can you fix it?
  8. Koroush
    Please put 2 mod for us

    Infinity gold and money free gas free skill point and perks

    2 god mod infinity bolt
    And all of number 1

    You wrote free shipping but it doesn't have any infinity gold or money
    Plz do what i say
  9. Vitor Emanuel
    Vitor Emanuel
    Remove infinite bullets
  10. Guest Anonymous
    Guest Anonymous
    Best mod of the walking zombie iv found hands down.now God mode is off feels alot better to play.I just think unlimited ammo/no reload needs turning off.dont know just feel like it adds an element to the games needing to buy and find ammo and with the unlimited in app purchases I see no need for it. And again thank for makeing an awesome mod hope to see updates soon.
  11. Ayzac
    I have check and tried multiple moded apk for this game and 5play is the most functional and undetected modifications. I am very much enjoying the moded game and I have the steam pc version. For improvements I would like to see the trunk, bag and tank compartments to be available in the modded pack. The only gold available for access is 'survival pack' and 'ads+gold pack' and for each zone map and ads/10gold (Not unlimited gold), maybe also include the chuck Norris or Schwarzenegger pack if possible? Since they expand the storages of the gas tank or trunk and bag. People who have mod are usually after those "premium perks" which is only available through purchase so having the gas, trunk, and bag storage expansion available in the mod would make it a 9/10. Thank you for the mod. Also even if it is not unlimited gold you can make it like a one time purchase like the survival pack. Or multiply the gold received through ads. I hope this is updated and still be undetected.
  12. BeAtZyy
    Yawa! Namiton kol kueang gang asin
    Great! Action game that has a very good mod thanks 5 play!
  13. Random Guy
    Random Guy
    Remove god mode
  14. Harley manuel
    Harley manuel
    Is too slow and is so lagy it almost broke my phone i hate this can you pls fix it
  15. Guest Mark
    Guest Mark
    Good game and very nicely game we always wins
  16. Guest Mark
    Guest Mark
    Good game and very nicely
  17. Sani patani
    Sani patani
    Remove god mod because it doesn't fun
  18. Engel
    Still not found
    1. KaneBoo
      Use vpn brother
  19. KaneBoo
    Please update to new version
  20. ViceFVersã
    Finally, the final version with free in-app purchase with real money. Thanks 5play team.

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