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Avakin Life

Android 4.0.3
Role playing
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Avakin Life is a social role-playing game that will take the user to a colorful virtual world. The beginning is preceded by the character's appearance settings. Editing capabilities are enough to make the hero unique. He can pick up hair and clothes, change facial features. After that, the character receives a certain amount of money, which is worth buying a comfortable home, furnish it with all utensils and invite guests to a housewarming party.

The world of the game is filled with various locations. Here there is a hot beach, a green park, and numerous nightclubs. It is in these public places that other virtual personalities gather. It’s much more fun to spend time with them.

The project boasts good graphics. There are not so many objects here, but this is offset by detailed elaboration. The background soundtrack helps to relax and enjoy the gameplay. Avakin Life - a great option for those who want to break away from reality and enjoy informal communication with other people.
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  1. Уитли
    № 1
    27 October 2018 09:27
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    Здраствуйте! Пожалуйста, отправьте ошибку с обновлением! Когда захожу в игру, пишет что есть обновление, хотя это итак Хэллоуинская версия!