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Avakin Life
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    Android 4.0.3

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    Role playing

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  • Avakin Life is a social role-playing game that will take the user to a colorful virtual world. The beginning is preceded by the character's appearance settings. Editing capabilities are enough to make the hero unique. He can pick up hair and clothes, change facial features. After that, the character receives a certain amount of money, which is worth buying a comfortable home, furnish it with all utensils and invite guests to a housewarming party.

    The world of the game is filled with various locations. Here there is a hot beach, a green park, and numerous nightclubs. It is in these public places that other virtual personalities gather. It’s much more fun to spend time with them.

    The project boasts good graphics. There are not so many objects here, but this is offset by detailed elaboration. The background soundtrack helps to relax and enjoy the gameplay. Avakin Life - a great option for those who want to break away from reality and enjoy informal communication with other people.


Avakin Life

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    1. Fo Xy ♡

      Okay I gotta say: ‘I love this mod!’ but after I used it I’ve noticed a couple of errors and issues with it like for example when I’m using the mod other players can’t see my clothes, poses, dances or anything even though it’s purchased already so I would be more than happy if you could work on that and decorating apartments as well I’ve noticed an error there as when when I try to edit my apartments and save it error pops up saying: ‘Try again later!’ Or something but besides that mod works pretty great I’m just hoping for new update with faster level booster and everything fixed up please I love this game so much and I would be more than happy if you guys could do something about it to fix the issues or at least make a mod with only unlimited coins and gems where we can buy whatever we want knowing that after we purchase something it will stay in original version as well I’m hoping for a respond from you as soon as it’s possible.


      Fo Xy ♡

      19 January 2020 20:00

    2. Guest Anonymous

      I started to collect xp 1 day ago but it doesn't work anymore pls update the new version bcs it's still with a happy new year things!


      Guest Anonymous

      19 January 2020 11:19

    3. DarryG6

      The mod menu is perfect at the beginning but after a few week later,i can't receive any xp and diamond, please update



      18 January 2020 09:13

    4. 𝕸𝕰𝕷𝕴𝕾𝕾𝕬

      We need mod menu Not to an application without a menu



      17 January 2020 21:37

    5. mohamed mimouni

      bien cest bien good


      mohamed mimouni

      16 January 2020 23:48

    6. Dark Knight

      Hi . Why yall dont upload the new mod menu version ? This last version is so old we need a new version ..

      Thanks for supporting ..


      Dark Knight

      15 January 2020 10:45

    7. Queen

      Just keeps saying not found not found I had it but it stopped collecting xp and gems and wouldnt load anymore andnwhej I level I dont receive my coins



      15 January 2020 01:52

    8. Gin

      I love this mod so much, but i doesn't receive as much coins/gems as in the past. It just gave me a few :/ Can you repair it, please? I saw that other players have the same problem too. And, is it possible that you will add more options in the menu? It would be totally awesome. For example, buyable hidden others. Yepp, some of the hidden items are buildable, so you can build it with the build machine, but it's just a few items. I'd really like to buy the Werewolf short, but not buildable or buyable :/ Thank you for you'r hard work, and have a nice day ^^ (Actually i'm from Hungary, i hope my comment understable)



      13 January 2020 21:36

      1. Trinity

        Hai i just wanna know which mod u used i mean which kn did u clicl on



        14 January 2020 20:05

      2. Pawan

        I think they are updating the menu because last time there is many updates in avakin so they are updating those things that's why its taking time so be patience ..



        15 January 2020 06:55

    9. Jose.

      Eu n comsigo abaixar me ajudem tadinha da minja filha ela quet muito anaixa esse tal de manu avakin life



      13 January 2020 20:04

    10. Guest Lucky

      Am not able receiving xp/ gems please fix it


      Guest Lucky

      12 January 2020 18:13

    11. ñ adyza29 ñ

      Please fix that menu life, it seems have problem to boosting,have to login again n again to get that experience,. Thank you 5play. Ru


      ñ adyza29 ñ

      12 January 2020 08:24

    12. Guest Кристина

      После обновления мод перестал давай xp для уровня! Исправьте пожалуста! Заранее спасибо!


      Guest Кристина

      10 January 2020 23:47

    13. sammy kho

      The mod menu is workingly fine and fantastic since I started installing this few days ago, but after the maintenance which undergone for 30 minutes the p gem collect isn't as effecient as before now because normally I can get more than a thousand gems when using the mod but now, I'd only get maybe 50 more or less... But still a great app! I'm really proud of having this app especially fir those who are new and wanting to catch up to the old playerss such as me. And now I'm looking forward to work this mod as effecient as before as I had grown obsessed using this mod menu app. Thanks for this!


      sammy kho

      10 January 2020 19:43

      1. Eric gordon

        Why am I not getting as much diamonds and xp like I need it can u please fix this urgently its setting people back


        Eric gordon

        12 January 2020 03:07

    14. Mhmd

      Y this mod dont give me xp ?



      9 January 2020 21:41

    15. naaaa

      thxxxxxx thxxxxx thxxxx thxxxx



      9 January 2020 13:21

    16. n




      9 January 2020 13:20

    17. Guest Gabriel Martins

      Gabriel Martins Avakin Life amo


      Guest Gabriel Martins

      6 January 2020 17:59

    18. Mädä2020pm

      Sper sa mearga



      4 January 2020 23:39

    19. No nut

      Since last month i couldn't download mod yet im still waiting for ru to update 💩


      No nut

      2 January 2020 07:38

    20. °•Pïnkïty•°

      this is fake the thing wouldnt even work :(



      29 December 2019 01:21

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