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    Android 4.1

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  • Vainglory - a game for devices Android, which combines elements of real-time strategy and RPG. Like their brethren on the PC such as Dota, here, users are divided into teams and fight characters with unique abilities in a limited area. Wins the team that first managed to break the enemy crystal.

    Players are free to choose between three character classes. Armored tanks are designed to protect the base from enemy attacks, arrows and magic are eliminating enemy forces, and silent killer are called upon to sneak into the territory of the opponent. Management implemented very convenient. Attacks are made by pressing down on the target.

    At the bottom are buttons for applying spetsumeny characters. Each character has their own unique abilities, which are ready to demonstrate in combat. In addition to the battles there and a strategic component. It consists in the fact that there is need to produce gold, which is spent on new equipment and improvement of the characters. Vainglory - great MOBA with stunning graphics and animations, the ability to attract the lovers of this genre.


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