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Android 4.1
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Tower of Conquest is one of the best TD strategy, where the battles take place wall to wall. In the story, a resident of the village stumbled upon a portal to another world, from which then pushed the hostile evil spirits. The gameplay here is simple. On the left side of the screen is lock user, whereas the stronghold of the enemy is on the right.

Throughout the entire process in the Treasury of the player would drop your main resource, mana. Due to its you must hire peasants. They are armed with pitchforks and effectively confront living dead. After the destruction of the enemy forces, the villagers are sent to destroy the enemy base. Victory give valuable gold and provide more efficient types of troops.

Also the success of further use of various magic spells during the battle and upgrade features of the army and the castle. Tower of Conquest is one of the best representatives of their genre. There are a variety of units, beautiful locations and exciting gameplay. All this makes the game a real gift for fans of the TD-projects.
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