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Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

Android 4.4
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Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two a new game that attracts the player's attention cubic world. The game's plot takes us into the world of adventures and interesting jobs. The game is developed after the main character together with his friends saved the world from a horrible monster. Their friendship is not as strong as before, but everything changes when Jesse will get a glove belonging to the underwater temple of the ancient world.

Now heroes again spins the whirlpool of events, there are exciting adventures and tasks. You need to go all the way, fight enemies, find new friends, and of course, save the world along with Jesse. In this game, the plot develops from the action of the player and a lot depends on your decisions. The game is designed in the style of the quest and helps to plunge into the world of puzzles. Perform all necessary tasks to save the city and people's lives.

You will meet a lot of new characters that will leave a positive emotion. Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two is addictive with its bright and colorful decor, and are pleased with the dynamic development of the storyline. In the game you can purchase for yourself, additional skills in programming, engineering, mathematics and architecture.
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