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The Escapist - strategic puzzle production Studio Team 17 Digital Limited, in which the player must escape from prison without the eye protection. The action takes place in a real prison. In addition to training to run, you need to engage in routine training of any prisoner going to the prison canteen, to walk, visit the gym, go to the roll call.

You also need to interact with other prisoners and to produce items that can be useful for a successful escape. You can perform tasks to the local authorities at the virtual cost. To achieve the goal will require a large amount of inventory that is stored in the table in the main character. Each tool performs a specific function. So, using knife or screwdriver can penetrate into the ventilation shaft. Some items can be used as a weapon to eliminate the guards.

It is worth noting that at the slightest suspicion from the guards, the player may lose the entire inventory, and will have to start from your last save. Therefore, when planning an escape. you need to think logically, develop a strategy and use all the available tools from the inventory. The Escapist - great puzzle strategy, which is thought-out gameplay and interesting idea.
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