Implosion - Never Lose Hope

Implosion - Never Lose Hope
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    Android 4.0

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  • Implosiom - Never Lose Hope - the game is in the genre of slashers for Android in a futuristic setting. The plot takes the user to a bleak future in which humankind is faced with the threat of alien monsters. People are not able to fight on equal terms with the enemy, so they decide to use against foreign invaders cutting-edge exoskeleton Packed with a variety of weapons and gadgets.

    The player is invited to wear one of these costumes. With sharpened blades, you need to crush the opponents. In addition to normal attacks armor has special attacks that have a high efficiency. The game endowed with excellent graphics, which the quality is comparable to a console. Locations, exoskeleton, and monsters are drawn to the smallest detail.

    Visual allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of battles of the future. And location of cameras and convenient control helps to enjoy the gameplay. Implosion - Never Lose Hope a first - class slasher game for mobile devices, giving unforgettable emotions from the gameplay. It will appeal to all fans of this sub-genres of action games.


Implosion - Never Lose Hope

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