DC Legends: Битва за справедливость

DC Legends: Битва за справедливость
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    Android 4.4

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    Role playing

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  • DC Legends – turn based role playing game with your favorite superheroes from the comics. In the universe of DC, another conflict is brewing. The reason for this becomes the supervillain Nekron, eager to seize power. To combat him and his minions, the user needs to assemble a team of heroes. Game mechanics are similar to any turn-based RPG. Characters attack in turn, causing simple beats mixed with combos.

    Each hero uses their super powers: Batman relies on gadgets, Wonder woman Is a sword, lasso of truth and bracelets, and Superman shoots lasers from his eyes. Control characters can be, both independently and putting them on autopilot. It should be noted that the development of the characters is not on, and their abilities need to be pumped. Did not play-party and battle 1 on 1, where you can compete against other users.

    One of the main advantages of the project schedule. Authentic models superheroes, scenic locations and gorgeous design create a fantasy world as if descended from the pages of comic books. The dynamics of the battles adds a great soundtrack. DC Legends will resonate not only in the hearts of comic fans, but also casual gamers.


DC Legends: Битва за справедливость

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    1. Sagar Vaid

      I'm stuck at the tutorial.

      Can you help me please...

      Thank you...


      Sagar Vaid

      7 January 2020 21:28

    2. Шомаи

      Damage is counted for me and the enemy so they kill you in one hit too please modify it



      27 March 2019 14:31

    3. Luxe

      Mod 2 and en 3 doesn't work properly
      Cause we can not pass the tutorial
      Please update these modded



      1 February 2019 20:53

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