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Defense Zone 3 HD

Defense Zone 3 HD

Android 2.3
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Defense Zone 3 – trikvel one of the best strategy games of the Tower Defense subgenre. As in the previous parts, it has great graphics and the same addictive gameplay. The gameplay has not changed. The player will again have to prevent the invasion of the enemy army.

Enemy forces are now represented not only the army and air force, but Navy. So now we need to protect not only against intrusions on land but on water. In the construction of defensive redoubts will help the scheme of movement of an enemy vehicle. Over time, it will disappear, but if desired, it can be viewed again. Mounted guns can be upgraded for the application of the most damage. Now the guns have and the mode of Hellfire, which is inflicting maximum damage to enemy equipment. Arsenal of defensive weapons, as always, impressive.

We can use machine gun turrets, lasers, electromagnetic fields, flame-throwers, and many other means of destruction. Coupled with this has support for aviation and the ability to mine the approaches with mines and traps. Defense Zone 3 – excellent TD-strategy game with impressive visuals that will appeal to all fans of this subgenre.
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