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UNKILLED – new zombie first-person shooter from the developers of such cool projects, like Shadowgun and Dead Trigger, which has a lot of similarities. The story itself is not. Again, scientists tested the new drug, again, the experiment went out of control, and the virus broke out, infecting everyone along the way around. The player is necessary to clean the infected area from the living dead, however, performing a variety of quests.

The passage is divided into a number of short missions, which are both core and optional objectives. The final tasks of each Chapter you need to fight with the big zombie boss. Control is via a joystick located on the screen left and right. The first is responsible for the movement and a second time for review. Shooting is done automatically when aiming at an enemy or using the button of fire. There is a huge range of small weapons from the UZI to the AK-47 and machine guns. Most weapons purchased for gold, which here is very small, so it will have to pay real money.

Graphics – this is one of the main advantages of the game. All the locations, enemies and weapons are drawn very well. There are soft shadows. The sound is also not disappoint. The cries of the undead and gunshots create the atmosphere of a zombie Apocalypse.
UNKILLED – it's a great genre the successor of Dead Trigger, the addictive gameplay and interesting missions.
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