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Перекати небо (Rolling sky)

Перекати небо (Rolling sky)

Android 2.3
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Rolling Sky is a colorful runner-timkiller in which you need to overcome obstacles by skillfully controlling the ball and trying to come to the finish level to start a new adventure. The game process is based on the passage of several locations. Each obstacle course has its visual design and level of complexity. Passage is not easy, and only a hardcore gamer with steel nerves will cope with it. Difficulties arise from the very first stage, what can we talk about later.

Management is done with the help of svaypov. It is necessary to competently walk around the emerging barriers. As the complexity increases, not only stationary fences will appear, but also mobile mechanisms, which will become much more difficult to pass through. In the event of a collision, you have to start the stage anew. There is another hitch - the number of balls is limited. If life ends, you can either wait for their recovery, or purchase through in-game transactions.

The game has an excellent visual. Graphic design varies both between levels, and within one stage. Pleasant music is aimed to brighten up the heavy passing and will help the player relax. Rolling Sky is one of the most hardcore ranners that can deliver fun and pass the time.
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