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The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

Android 4.0.3
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The Battle Cats - an interesting arcade game, which mixed elements of arcade action, TD and seals. In the game, our base looks like a house for cats and is located on the right. On the opposite side is the enemy. You are armed with a destructive laser, which will have to destroy the villains.

In the process of passing gradually accumulate coins, for which you can buy new fluffy defenders and even more successfully resist the opponent. In addition to the purchase of units for in-game currency, you can also hire the men by these cash infusions. Passing the mission, you will gain experience to improve the combat characteristics of units, increase the strength of the house, as well as buy soldiers.

Graphics here, though simple, but looks quite organic and cute. The characters are drawn in a minimalist spirit and fit perfectly into the drawing environment. Will delight players and Groovy soundtrack. The Battle Cats is a set of heroes and levels, not boring gameplay, and also competent system of an upgrade. All this will not get bored and bring a lot of fun to any gamer.
Популярность 90% 90%
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  1. Trung
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    20 March 2019 14:15
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    i cant update