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DomiNations – high-quality real-time strategy, which has in its Arsenal an unusual idea and a high level of elaboration. And this is no accident: one of the developers of the game is Brian Reynolds, who has projects such as Rise of Nations and Civilization II. The player is an unusual task – to stand at the head of an ancient settlement from the distant past and carry it through several centuries into the future until the beginning of the space age.

The gameplay is virtually no different from the thereof, many other representatives of the genre. The initial goal is the development of the village through the construction of new buildings, infrastructure development, resource extraction and food. There is also need to create their own army to protect from enemy attacks. With the development of technology will develop and the settlement gradually developing into a metropolis of the future. Then it will open the online mode, where you can participate in battles with other players. Multiplayer takes the best practices of the famous Clash of Clans, so just as good.

Needless to say that the strategy has excellent graphics and excellent music. Drawing detail is amazing, and the soundtrack adjusts to the adventure way. DomiNations – one of the best projects in your niche, which will be for fans of strategy in real time a real gem.
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Comments (3)

  1. RandomBoredGuy
    № 3
    14 February 2019 19:44
    + +2 -
    it doesn't work. incompatible when installing the software.
  2. David
    № 2
    29 January 2019 12:15
    + +2 -
    It's redirecting me to a page saying not found?
  3. David
    № 1
    24 January 2019 11:43
    + +9 -
    Umm.when is the mod for the latest version of domination coming out. The old mod keeps saying there's an update