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Call of Duty: Strike Team

Call of Duty: Strike Team

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Call of Duty: Strike Team is the representative of the famous series of first-person shooters, shot to fame around the world. Players been waiting for the appearance of CoD on the mobile platform and waited. Despite the fact that the games in the series are real fighters, this action has in itself the elements of the strategy. For several missions will need to control a SWAT team and to solve a variety of combat missions. You can control all the fighters, each of which has specific skills and weapons.

Pass all levels with a machine gun on the edge is unlikely to come, so can be very useful here well implemented tactical mode. At any point in the game it is possible to switch from the classic first-person view and think about tactics for further action. The game has excellent graphics and voice acting. Each mission is detailed, but their number is very little crime. Do not have time to fully enjoy the gameplay as the storyline comes to an end.

But for those who are not satisfied with a single campaign, there's survival mode, which will be useful skills obtained in the course of combat operations. Call of Duty: Strike Team great tactical shooter from renowned developer that stands out from many similar action-projects. It is certainly worth a try for all fans of the genre.
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    Dead obb link Cod strike team.