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  • Breach & Clear – turn-based tactical strategy game in which the player is invited to lead the special forces and fight the terrorists around the world. In order to start passing, the user needs to gather a team of four fighters, and also to choose the elite division, which will include unit. After recruiting comes the struggle with global terrorism: the need to choose the mission on the map and go for it.

    Each level consists of several rooms and locations that occupy opponents. Using turn-based gameplay the player is trying to neutralize the target. Each party member has different characteristics and weapons. On this basis, it is necessary to specify the trajectory of them, and then observe the actions of soldiers. In the case of correct manipulation detachment successfully incapacitate enemies and will be ready for the next command. For the successful execution of tasks at the expense of the team charged game currency, for which you can buy new ammunition and weapons, and experience points.

    The gameplay may seem monotonous, but it kompensiruet diversity addressed by the unit objectives and the necessity of thinking through each step. Also will not get bored spectacular scenes of the shootings with the addition of the slow effect and excellent 3D-graphics with the top view. In General, Breach & Clear is a great tactical strategy, which will cause strain gyrus and is sure to entertain.


Breach & Clear

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    1. rajarshi96

      Don't download this trash. The missions aren't unlocked.



      11 June 2020 08:37

      1. DanielLOL3

        Agreed, It needs payment. It sucks



        27 June 2020 16:24

    2. Guest Kris

      New update please


      Guest Kris

      5 May 2020 11:29

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