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Android 4.2
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Bullet Force is a first - person shooter for Android devices that focuses on multiplayer battles. The game is largely similar to Counter-Strike. In addition to the classical modes of fighting between the two warring parties there and the single player campaign in which you need to fulfill a number of missions, mainly focused on mopping up the location of enemies. There is also a quick match mode where you can practice with bots before the shootings with real players.

Pleased with a good Arsenal of weapons presented. The player can pick up a gun to your taste. You can choose from a variety of rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns. The control is implemented perfectly due to custom size and arrangement of the virtual keys.

Graphics done well, but there are some rough edges in the face of the clumsy animations of the moves of the opponents, the fuzzy texture and slightly angular regions on the game map. But the sound is pleasing realistic effects of gunfire and explosions. Bullet Force - good online-Thriller, which will appeal to fans of virtual battles.
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Mod - unlimited bullets

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  1. Guest King
    № 1
    9 May 2019 22:23
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    Sir bullet force new update 1.58 radar mini map please please🙏🙏