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Clash of Kings : Wonder Falls

Clash of Kings : Wonder Falls

Android 2.3.3
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Clash of Kings - perfect for Android users who are passionate about military strategies. In the game you will take part in the battle for the throne and lead his own Empire. Created Empire will consist of 7 kingdoms that are necessary to continuously develop and defend from attacking enemies.

All actions occur in real time, which adds dynamics to the game. Except for clashes, there is provided a system of interaction with the population and participation in the development of the internal policy of the Empire. Fans to compete in the prosperity and power of the real players in the game Clash of Kings there's multiplayer.

Complete freedom of action is virtually unlimited, however, at first the survival of the Empire may be it is not easy. On this special occasion, here is an opportunity to enter into alliances through which we can achieve even greater success in capturing neighboring lands.
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Mod - money (private server)

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Comments (4)

  1. Benjamin
    № 4
    7 June 2019 16:02
    + +1 -
    Abnormal login please change device. Pls help
  2. Nina
    № 3
    19 March 2019 22:00
    + +5 -
    This an old version not the newest
  3. Ahmed
    № 2
    4 February 2019 20:17
    + +7 -
    In the private server I can't buy shield and other things so can you please fix it and add the new thing in the game please and add the dragon that in the real version please and to is so good wedsit I want to rate it I will give it 5 stars .
  4. Ahmed
    № 1
    29 January 2019 22:11
    + +3 -
    Can you update the mod game to be like the original one because the moded one don't have A lot of things that the game added can you add them pls .