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Samorost 3

Android 4.1
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Samorost 3 for Android - new from the makers of Machinarium. The main hero of the game was an eccentric gnome. Previously, he led a normal life on his little planet, but a fall from the sky the magic flute, has changed everything. Using the artifact, the character has mastered the art of magic and even learned to travel to other dimensions. Now he's trying to see what hides behind all kinds of mysteries and helping others.

Pick up the flute. Further, it should be directed towards locations. In the course of this adventure to solve the puzzle associated with the bridge. On the other hand we met a strange little man who is looking for mushrooms. We take our flute help and the mushroom. In return for this, we propose to find a solution to an interesting problem, which has a direct relationship with the hunters of antiquity. Back home, where using a telescope to find new worlds. These locations occur in outer space. In the chest there is a book about the terrible space monster. Take a book and come to grips with the insidious monster that terrorizes the world.

Stylish and colorful design of the game will be another advantage Samorost 3. Game universe mesmerizing beauty, extraordinary animals, beautiful settings, texture detail and atmosphere. The world is unique and standard. After playing a couple of minutes, impossible to put down. As a bonus, the developers have filled the game better musical compositions, so that the adventure is as comfortable as possible. It's time for a real adventure. Armed with flute and intelligence and go on an unforgettable adventure along with our dwarf and the characters he will meet along the way.
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