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Runtastic PRO

Android 4.0
Health & Fitness
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Runtastic - the most global application on the android of the existing ones, which helps to track your sports achievements. You can store all the data on the resource service, and also analyze them and work out inaccuracies in the training programs.

The application has a built-in GPS-navigator that calculates the distance you traveled, and calculates the number of calories. The built-in player includes specially selected tracks, which can inspire you and inspire you to continue your workout.

In Runtastic, you will be able to see a diary in which, in addition to the training schedule, you can see various metrics that show the amount of effort spent (visits to the gym, approaches, running time, etc.) and the result you achieved . Analyzing the results of your workouts will not only allow you to view the statistics of changes, but also create a special program for you that will help you to maximize your potential in training.
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