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Construction Simulator 2014

Construction Simulator 2014

Android 4.0.3
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New simulator on Android Construction simulator 2014 will definitely appeal to all fans of this game genre. If you have already managed to bore to grow vegetables in the countless farms, animals, you simply can no longer tolerate poorly versed in the control system various kinds of transport, and want to try your hand at some new, and most importantly, a fun activity, this simulator will be for you just the ideal. It is necessary to manage a variety of specialized construction equipment.

From the first seconds of the game you will be able to notice how much effort the developers have put into this simulator. They were able to fully implement management of construction equipment, whereby players are given an excellent opportunity to experience the real presence in the cab. It is worth noting colorful graphics that are traced to the smallest detail.

All in the game Construction simulator 2014 presents fourteen varieties of construction equipment, and each of them a hundred percent corresponds to the original. Sitting in front of the levers or driving one of those Mahin, you can build your own house starting from the Foundation, or rather, even with excavation and ending with the device roofs. Players have the opportunity to choose the kind of equipment to perform a particular construction operation. So get behind the wheel and start building.
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