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Need for Speed Most Wanted

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The legendary Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted is now available on Android devices. The transfer of the game was carried out by the company FireMonkeys, which many gamers remember by the quality and sophisticated Real Racing 2 application. The graphics in the mobile version are made at an extremely high level, it is almost indistinguishable from the original.

Game mechanics causes mixed impressions. Need for Speed Most Wanted is an arcade race, which means, according to the logic of things, control should be simplified. However, the developers decided to add realism to the game, using their physics engine. As a result, this decision is not clear to the end what is before us: a simulator or an arcade. Therefore, to simplify the gameplay, FireMonkeys diligently smooths the tracks, depriving them of sharp turns.

So, in NFS Most Wanted, the player will have two control modes available - using the device tilt and the virtual steering wheel. Unfortunately, they didn’t deliver the most intuitive and convenient driving style, where pressing the right side of the display turns the car to the right, and pressing does not the left side, respectively, to the left. Difficult balance of steering and accelerometer, especially at the very beginning of the game.

One of the main "business cards" of the series is extremely well implemented - the need to elude the police. The guards of the order easily catch up with the gamer-offender, not hesitating to use a wide arsenal of interception techniques, such as knocking off the road, cutting or blocking the way. In short, they act assertively and thoughtfully.

Need for Speed Most Wanted - one of the best racing games for mobile devices, with excellent graphics and exciting gameplay.
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