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Project Highrise

Project Highrise
  • Updated
  • Version 1.0.19
  • Requirements Android 4.3
  • Genre Simulation
  • Views 42 677
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  • Votes: 144
  • Comments: 4
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Highrise Project - interesting simulation game in which players will build skyscrapers and rent from premises rent. Users are given carte Blanche in the determination of the design of the building, so here you can show your skills of the architect. Simultaneously with the construction it is necessary to seek potential tenants who will be paying for use of space. All funds will be useful in future construction. The game has a nice hand-drawn graphics, addictive gameplay and multiple difficulty levels.
Project Highrise
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  1. LikeableKiwi
    Can you add an expansion mod where you extend the build limit? Ive done that on my computer but now my computer is broken so this app might actually be worth installing
  2. Pls High rise mod
    Pls High rise mod
    Pls Do HighRise Mod Pls Pls
  3. Poul
    I neand a maney
    1. Matthew
      You need to go work for your money like a man, instead of whining, begging, or stealing like a child.

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