True Fishing

True Fishing
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  • True Fishing is a simulator for fish. In this game the fishing enthusiast will find a pleasant surprise in the form of a huge variety of things, from fishing to equipment. This is one of the few applications in which beautifully realized by all types of fishing, from float fishing, and ending with the hunt for exotic fish such as shark or piranha.

    Gameplay is a part in various tournaments, as well as creating their own base. Initially the user will have a process for collecting gear and other attributes of modern fishing. To do this, to purchase a bamboo fishing rod, a simple reel, the line is unreliable and most available bait and then go fishing in the only available for beginners location - Crucian pond.

    Despite the name, it inhabits a large number of species of fishes, to catch them beginner will be very difficult due to lack of lures. Nevertheless, enjoy virtual fishing is possible even with scarce resources. True Fishing has quite a variety of locations, which, by the way there is a change of time of day and weather conditions. View the current forecast, click the special button in the upper right corner.

    It is noteworthy that unlike the competitors, in this game you can fish just two rods, which greatly improves efficiency and allows you to earn money to buy new equipment much faster. The controls are simple and true fisherman any difficulties should arise.

    Despite the fact that True Fishing has mediocre graphics, this game certainly will appeal to lovers of fishing. Of course, virtual fishing does not replace the real, but to pass an hour or two, catching a large number of rare instances will fit perfectly.


True Fishing

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