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  • WWE 2k – a new fighting game for Android about big and cocky guys. As expected, you are offered an extensive list of wrestlers. In addition to the usual fighters like John Cena and the Smuggler, the game appeared a lot of new faces. in addition, you can now create your own fighter, for example, hefty, bearded, with a memorable battle raskrasok, scary masks and bright output.

    I am glad that management is completely adapted for touch screens. The screen does not gets cluttered with extra buttons and joysticks. All kinds of strokes, grips and techniques done by specific combinations of taps and swipes. For example, to hit the enemy, press anywhere on the display. Capture is swipe down at the moment disorientation of the opponent. For the execution of best techniques require special conditions as well as the charged energy, stored due to the spectacular combat. However, the management will have long enough to get used to.

    WWE 2k boasts a number of modes. Single player will Bang their heads of the two fighters. In the event you build your fighter a brilliant career, bringing him to the title of world champion. Is the multiplayer. Well-designed graphics, music delights the ear.

    Not without its flaws. Of the fifty men we could only manage nineteen, not being able to open a new one. In addition, the game is poorly optimized. However, WWE 2k perfect for those who love spectacular wrestling. High-quality graphics and easy gameplay will keep you in a world of fierce battles.


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    1. Eugene

      The apk cant install why. It says fairlure app not installef



      15 August 2019 19:35

      1. Yezi

        I hope u are caping



        21 March 2020 17:54

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