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Android 2.3
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Drive Ahead - a tightening arcade on the android, in which a gamer expects a furious car duel. The game has pixel retrography and the appropriate musical accompaniment, which, of course, will please gamers-oldfagov with warm memories of the first game console. Simple and intuitive operation is realized by means of two keys.

Small levels easily fit on the display of your mobile device. The gameplay is a kind of battle without restrictions on a specially prepared ring. Cars can move both on the ground and on special metal structures, which either resemble scales, or break up into pieces.

In Drive Ahead, the task is to destroy the opponent's vehicle. There are several ways to do this. You can hit his car with direct strikes by parts of his car, organize an accident, as a result of which the opponent will put his head on the ground or hostile construction, and also simply push him out of the arena or drown.

In the game for a complete victory will have to defeat the enemy at least five times. The fight itself is constrained by a time frame. If it lasts longer than the allotted time, circular saws begin to pour from the ceiling, which will speed up the development of events, determining the most clever player (or the most lucky). The game has a set of modes, among which there is a multiplayer.

Drive Ahead - a game for one device, but the fun from this is not diminished. In the end, let's give you advice: do not be afraid of driving back up in a number of locations, this opens up for you a wide range of promising tricks to trick your opponent.
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  1. Armen
    № 2
    13 April 2019 12:14
    + +3 -
    Plz make a free fire cheet to have a much HP
  2. Armen
    № 1
    13 April 2019 12:12
    + -3 -
    Plz king master pro YouTuber make FREE FIRE`s cheet