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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack
  • Updated
  • Version 1.535
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Genre Arcade
  • Views 230 352
  • Google Play
  • Votes: 2124
  • Comments: 54
Popularity 65% 65%


Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack - classical scrolling shooter with a high level of difficulty and excellent graphics. The player will have to surf the outer space, simultaneously firing enemy ships coming towards you. Waves of enemies move on the spaceship, so you need to show the wonders of reaction and accuracy in order not to collide with them and not to fall under their shells. Typical dynamic gameplay, lots of enemies and bosses, great visuals and soundtrack will help you to enjoy the game.
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack
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Comments 54

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  1. Guest Moreno
    Guest Moreno
    I recommend keeping on your site also the previous versions ... some do not work well, I tried this and it does not work, while the 528 is still good for purchases

    Рекомендую сохранить на вашем сайте и предыдущие версии... некоторые не работают хорошо, я попробовал это и это не работает, в то время как 528 все еще хорош для покупок
  2. Guest allan
    Guest allan
    Keep saying "Verifying your account". How do you get rid of that and play PVP?
  3. Jose Luis Torres
    Jose Luis Torres
    Please Update, can't buy the tomes for the 21 days boss event! Bypass this please 🙏🏽
  4. Guest TYRONE
    Guest TYRONE
    ERROR. " resource material from invalid source" please help
  5. Jose Luis Torres
    Jose Luis Torres
    Can you please fix the problem named "the materials come from a invalid source" when you try to unified 2 ships?
  6. Guest SANA
    Guest SANA
    Dear Admin can u advise me wehn i cannect to facebook, I have unlocked many ships but when i see my profile in other mobile it shows only 3 basic ships without any updates. When i remove and install original file from play store all ships and leavels disappeared. Can u tell me about this problems thanks
  7. Hüseyin
    Yeni mergeleri yükseltemiyoruz milyar rozetimiz var ama olmuyor
  8. Guest John
    Guest John
    Please bypass Materials came from an invalid source.
  9. Bilalwaris2
    It Says Verifying Account Please Fix This Can't Get In To Guild Team Thanks ADMIN :)
  10. Bilal Waris
    Bilal Waris
    How To Enter PvP Or In Guild Make A Mod That We Can Enter In Guild Team
  11. Bilalwaris2
    Update This Version To Latest Version 1.525
  12. Usama
    How to enter in pvp or team
  13. Marcelo Ramirez
    Marcelo Ramirez
    Please make a onehit version for this event.
  14. Basti basti
    Basti basti
    As usual a failed version (doesn't work) but if you restore God mode it will be good (to kill the event boss quickly)
  15. Hüseyin
    Bu apk nın 14000 vuranı vardı ne oldu ona
  16. Hüseyin
    Bana lonca boosu ve lonca savaşında yüksek skor yapacak apk lazım.lütfen yardımcı olun
  17. WILLY
    STILL never transfers into real game. NO PVP
  18. Cahya
    Not working PVP..please update
  19. Guest Vlad
    Guest Vlad
    Very sad. Biggest EVENT of the year coming and no MOD that allow you to keep resources. Please Admin look at this. We really need this to work. Ships will go off the market for a year. Thank You
  20. Guest Mike
    Guest Mike
    sorry I wrote the wrong galaxy attack page here Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack I meant Galaxy attack

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